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Sunday, November 1, 2015

internet and operative system security and anonymity for the paranoid

do you feel someones got to you on your computer? do you suspect a keylogger or some other form of surveillance tool disturbing your privacy?

first you need an installer image of your favourite os. install that and all the apps and tools you need on a usb stick (you can get them with enough capacity today), a sd card or portable harddrive with builtin powersupply (the smaller ones don't take up more space than a package of cigarettes) and always take it with you whereever you go!

the latter is mandatory because if your are under monitoring from some goverment agency they can easily conceal a camera in your home and get your pw's that way. i read that Snowden entered his pw's under the cover of a blanket so it's not that far fetched.

if you live alone like me have several computers and have one of them running multiple services on virtual machines to ensure that some traffic is generated at arbitrary times.

then you need a good vpn. set your router, not the individual machines (physical or virtual) to use that vpn. don't worry! you can always have your prefered workmachine use a proxy so that you get an ip that matches your country.