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Friday, June 2, 2017

big problems - simple solutions

i see 3 conflicts that have been going on for far too long:

  • Israel / Palestine
  • Kurds / Turks
  • Russia / Ukraine

let's just start by accepting that this will end with 6 sovereign nations.

i remembered a crucial time in history when the world could have been destroyed in nuclear holocaust. but cooler heads prevailed.

the Cuba missile crisis. it could have gone wrong but in the end the two leaders communicated directly, only flanked by a few trusted advisers. today there are several layers of diplomatic bureaucracy producing too many special regards which in turn makes it impossible to reach a solution.

the leaders of those countries should be locked in a room with a handful (3 to 5) advisers. and they should not be let out until they have reached a solution.

this solution should not be put to a vote but accepted as the way things are from then on. it's far too important for anything else.

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