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Friday, June 2, 2017

electronic elections - the sane choice

imagine that instead of a ballot and pencil there is a tablet (please use a wired connection since wireless is easy to tamper with) and you login with your electronic identification (nem-id in Denmark, ex.).

the system runs on a closed circuit and the server contains the counting software that stores votes in an encrypted form with a checksum. if that don't match there has been a fraud. apart from that the system runs the server which the tablets connect to.

if you're not electronically skilled you can have a guardian appointed that helps you login (this means that you need to have an electronic id).

once you login the ballot appears and you select your choice(s) and at the bottom you press the big button labeled "vote" and then you have done your democratic duty. after that the system automatically logs you out and disables further votes with your id. if you can use a pencil and make a "X" then you can do this.

at the status page you can see information showing the current votes, time left, vote count, percentages and such. this page can be updated with a usb-stick (or similar) once an hour so people can follow the election. yes i did write usb. no outside connection allowed. it's a security matter and non-negotiable.

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